Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Old Florida Charm

I am just returning from a trip to Apalachicola, Florida.  My husband and I visited friends who own a gorgeous old home that was built in the late 1800's.  

Apalachicola evokes a sense of Old Florida- lazy days fishing, sitting on the front porch and chatting with neighbors, old Victorian seaside homes and just all around southern charm.  Apalachicola oysters are famous and local fish and seafood is abundant. 

 Shrimp boats standing at attention in the marina


An old fish cleaning shed is abandoned now and ferns have begun to grow on the roof.

Vacant barrier islands provide wonderful shelling expeditions.

 Massive trees with ferns growing on the limbs are throughout town.

 Chicken coops in back yards provide fresh eggs on a daily basis.

 Apalachicola's historic district is home to many Victorian homes that have been lovingly maintained by their current owners. 


Our friends, Mariterese and Pat, own this beautiful old Victorian. 
The original owner made his fortune in the oyster business.  
Note that the original wood walls have never been painted and
 are still as beautiful as when they were built.

 The entry foyer wood walls are simply gorgeous, just as they were in the late 1800's.

 The upstairs bedroom walls are the original shiplap. 
 It is wonderful to wake up in those rooms with their grand tall windows.
And finally, who wouldn't enjoy watching this everyday? 

Never change your ways, Apalachicola.  You encourage us to grow old with grace.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

One Month From Moving In!!

It was one year ago on Memorial Day weekend, that friends gathered at Jill and Barry's new home building site to celebrate the beginning of the house.   We had just finished marrying their daughter, Laura, to Charlie at a beautiful ceremony and reception.  Finally it was time to rest and reflect.   So with our wine, leftover flowers from the wedding  and accompaniments, we sat on picnic tables and celebrated life.

As you can see, there was only the concrete foundation and bit of rough in plumbing complete. We signed those concrete walls to mark the day!
That was one year ago- Memorial Day weekend!

Flash forward to this past Memorial Day weekend- 2017.  One year later-

Walking the house this weekend- 

Front doors are in and waiting to be stained.  Stairs in and waiting for hand rails. 

 Elevator cab has arrived and is ready for final  finishes.
Living room fireplace complete and waiting for it's limestone mantel.

Kitchen sink has arrived and waiting for its counters.

Wonderful laundry room floor has been installed and is ready to be cleaned.

Master shower marble is installed and waiting for faucets.

Powder room sink base is waiting for it's sink!
So it's down to the finish line!   Lots of details to complete, but we have been told that the
move-in date is July 1st!    I am hoping that there is magic in those mountains that will make this true!
No matter what the date is- it will be worth it!  It is a stunning new home.
What a difference a year makes! 

Thursday, May 26, 2016

We Took To The Woods!

We Took To The Woods is a little gem of a retail store in Greenville, South Carolina.  In this day of boring big box stores and malls full of the same old national chains, it is a true delight to shop in a store that has soul!   These entrepreneurial concepts are hard to find these days, so it is  important to support them!   When I plan a trip to this store, I start to feel giddy!

Last week, my friend Jill and I planned a trip to go to We Took To The Woods.  We knew they had recently re-merchandised the store and it was set for spring.

Walking in to the front of the store, a "tea" bar is set up with teas, pretty china,  hotel silver and just layered with yummy merchandise.  We were immediately offered a cup of tea.

Layered and layered - so much fun to see

A large center table in the main room was filled with candles, crystal, linens and antiques.
You could spend an hour perusing it!

Well-made clothing - classic styles are offered for sale.  They pour their own candles and the scents are wonderful.  Leather goods, old flasks, books and jewelry are layered in. 
I always find a special item to purchase in this adorable place.  This time I was inspired by the foraged floral arrangements throughout the store.  So I purchased 2 crystal vases to arrange my soon to be foraged specimens! 

Flowers "foraged"  from Sam's Club in my new vases!

Foraged arrangement from the yard of a friend! I purchased this vase from them in February!
So if ever in Greenville, SC- visit them!  Check out their website and get more info at

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Southeastern Designer Showhouse and Gardens

I am just returning from a weekend in Atlanta.  I was able to attend the inaugural Southeastern Designer Showhouse and Gardens while visiting.   Imagine touring a 22,000 square foot residence that some of the nation's most recognized designers had created!


Study by Robert Brown

Notice the coffered and lacquered ceiling.


Dining room by Suzanne Kasler- I love her work.
Great room by Barbara Westbrook- one of my favorite designers!

 Kitchen with it's massive 12 foot island.

Love the color of the countertops! 

Butlers pantry with Wolf oven and steam oven.

Hi-technology throughout the home.
Informal dining room.
Floor pattern in all of the hallways.
Master Bedroom Suite

 Master bedroom. by Phoebe Howard
Sitting area in the master bedroom.

Master Bath with a massive walk through shower behind the tub wall!

His closet!

Another sitting room! 
Wallpapered ceiling in master suite sitting room and closet area for the lady of the house.
And of course- a trendy bar cart.
Guest room on the 2nd floor- notice the marbled ceiling treatment.
Guest Room

Another sitting room!  What is one to do with 22,000 square feet to decorate? 
 Terrace off the kitchen.
TV on the outside terrace-- tucked in and cozy!
2800 Square foot guest and pool house

Gorgeous infinity pool

 Guest house sitting room
 Upholstered barn doors to the bedroom in the guest house.
Guest  house lower level sitting room.  Notice the upside down portrait!
Guest house sitting room and kitchen
This was certainly an afternoon that was filled with inspiring ideas.