Sunday, August 26, 2012

40th Anniversary Dinner at Everest

All of the tables are graced with special sculpures by Ivo Soldini, a sculptor from Switzerand.

Sun just going down as we finally arrived

darkness over the west side of the city

Dining room

Amuse Bouche

My souffle- New Wave Souffle- fromage blanc, compote of peach and pistachios

Mr RTH''s treat - Tahitian Vanilla and Strawberry Glace in Berry Coulis

A special treat given to us by the restaurant

terrine of chocolate crepe and banana brulee in maple caramel syrup

In House Chocolates - served to you with coffee after   your meal.
We planned  our 40th anniversary dinner at Everest Restaurant on the 40th floor of the Chicago Stock Exchange.  However, I must say that we could have almost  climbed Mt. Everest in the same time that it took us to drive into the city on Friday night.  It was the longest drive ever - over 2 hours and 45 minutes, so we had to call the restaurant and ask to move our reservation back an hour.  They were so understanding and accommodated our wishes.   As we finally entered the restaurant  ( it is very difficult to find - especially when the city of Chicago has closed all the streets around it to work on the El - and everything is one way - the wrong way- the GPS lady is going crazy telling you to "turn right here" and you can't- you finally find the special parking garage- enter the closed gate and find your way to the inner garage dedicated to Everest- enter a elevator to the lobby and exit to the street level to find another elevator to the 39th floor- exit the elevator and find the special elevator to the 40th floor where you exit and follow a series of hallways to Everest! See what I mean?) However as our "worn out faces" entered the restaurant, the restaurant staff greeted us with smiles  and handed us a martini  and  glass of wine immediately and told us they were sent by our friends- Mariterese and Pat.  What  special treatment and boy did we need them by that  point!  We were seated at a table by the window  just in time to see the sun setting in the horizon and began to enjoy a most memorable meal.  Lobster, fresh oysters, veal tenderloin, venison, special amuse bouches after each course and decadent souffles and creme brulee's were enjoyed while enjoying the Chicago skyline.  The service is relaxed and allows you time to enjoy every detail of the exquisitely plated dishes.  The meal was served over a 2  1/2 hour time, slow and leisurely.  The staff was attentive, but not pushy - just right service! We finished the meal with delicate chocolates from the dessert kitchen, each one a little work of art.  Unfortunately, my phone  pictures are not great  and do not do this place or the food justice.  But this restaurant is a beautiful choice for a special occasion. After a most wonderful meal, we  found our way back down the series of elevators and drove back in home in less than an hour! Love it when there's no traffic! 


Splenderosa said...

Your description of the challenge to get to the city and find the restaurant is hilarious. It was surely worth all that, wasn't it? Looks fab! Hope you guys had a lovely & romantic evening. Congratulations !!

Emily said...

Oh..the traffic to/from the City can challenge even the most zen...Happy Anniversary! The Everest Room always does it right.

christine said...

A very funny story and I can relate.....driving to the city on a Friday night is insane. The desserts look delicious. Happy Anniversary!

Brandi said...

Happy Anniversary. Dessert looks so delicious. Glad you enjoyed your night out.