Thursday, April 30, 2009

More from our Garden Event

Last time we shared with you our creamy white tablescapes. But the other side of the store was pure color splashes. We set several beautiful tables with vintage china and embellishments.
Laurell painted pots in great colors and filled them with bright spring flowers. We sampled imported French chocolates, pears in brandy, and French Rose biscuits. We served fresh strawberry tartare in vintage silver spoons, garnished with frisee lettuce.

Strawberry Tartare

1 cup freshly diced strawberries
1 T. Honey
1 t. aged balsamic vinegar
1 t. walnut oil
1 t. orange juice
1 t. orange zest

Mix all ingredients together. Let the tartare set at room temperature for 1 hour for the flavors to meld. Strain the mixture in a sieve. Discard liquid. Serve in cordial glasses or small bites in spoons. Garnish with blue cheese crumbles or goat cheese.