Saturday, November 14, 2015

The Kitchen Sink

We have finally started to pour the foundation for our new home in North Carolina.  We hit a large piece of rock while excavating and that really slowed down the progress, but we are now building again!  

When you are waiting for your dream home to be built, it occupies your thoughts much of the time.  It  gives you time to really pursue and examine which products that you ultimately want in your home.   Last week, I researched kitchen sinks.  I am going to need two of them- one for the scullery larder and one for the entertaining kitchen- known as the dining hall.   The larder scullery will be the kitchen that is used for preparation and clean up of meals- think of it as "back stage", while the dining hall will be used for the cooking and entertaining part of the meal.  Think of it as "on stage"!  So I need two sinks- one very utilitarian and functional, and one that is drop dead gorgeous and used more sparingly. First let me share the  kitchen design in order to understand the layout.

For the past 10 years, I have coveted the German Silver Sink,
and knew that if I ever would remodel or build a new home, I would use it.

With it's signature s curve in the middle and the brass fittings, it is a piece of jewelry for the kitchen.
It is pricey- actually the highest priced sink that I considered - but to me- worth it!

Lots of finishes and configurations

Antique German Silver Sink on 1st Dibs-   already sold- dang !
However when the cost estimate for our home came in so much higher than the budget, I began to
challenge every design decision's cost and look for alternatives.  What an eye opening experience!

First I started collecting pictures of kitchen sinks on Pinterest and I loved this look.
Integrated with a carved drain board.  That would be so beautiful.

Next I thought I should add a little more rustic elements to the dining hall mix. This carved stone
farm sink from Stone Forest was a winner and retailed for a quarter of the cost of  the German Silver Sink.

My friend Jill is using the classic white Shaw farm sink in her new kitchen.  A real winner for its clean design and extreme functionality  with the deep large bowl.  Maybe something classic like this would tame my mix of rustic and elegant elements.   I have always admired this sink.
But then- one morning while browsing Pinterest- my heart stopped.  I found the one-

Officine Gullo  made in Florence, Italy.  I simply had to have this in my kitchen.
It is perfect in its brass finish to blend with my French range brass details.  Look at the adorable stopper and the towel bar on front.   I can only imagine this sink when it is tarnished and used- just like it came from a Tuscan farmhouse.  And the bonus- it is one half of the price of my beloved German Sink Sink and I love it even more. 

The sliding brass drain board- my, my, my goodness.
I called the US  Officine Gullo office and inquired about the sink.  It takes about 3 to 4 months to order and some customization can be done.   Love it!
Go to their website to find tantalizing kitchens, but especially look at the sinks.

 This one makes me want to design a corner sink!  
I think this one would be a perfect bar sink- or even in a powder room.
They are all so beautiful, it is hard to decide.
Now on to the scullery larder sink.  This one needs to be extremely functional.
As you can see from the floor plans, I need to maximize counter space in the larder, as my extensive dish and crystal collections ( that I can't seem to part with )  take up a lot of the wall spaces. 
It's pretty funny as I think about it- I can leave my grown children in Chicago, but I can't seem to leave my dishes???  Something's wrong here!
 My husband and I visited the Kohler showroom in Kohler, Wisconsin and found the perfect  solution for more counter space.
The Kohler Stages sink is an impressive 45 inches in length , but can be used as counter space with the cutting board and ceramic inserts. 
"Designed in collaboration with the chefs at Kohler's Five Diamond resort hotel, Stages meets the needs of the serious home cook. The Stages sink comes with a full array of integrated accessories to simplify the cooking and cleanup processes. The design offers a wide basin to accommodate large pots and pans, as well as a stepped side platform for prepping food or drying dishes. Handcrafted from premium quality, 16-gauge stainless steel, Stages features an engineered sound-absorption system that significantly reduces disposal and dishwashing noise." Kohler web site

Watch this video on the functionality of this large sink.  It is so well thought out by the chefs at the American Club in Kohler.

I am so excited about both of these choices.  But I will never stop looking- who knows what else is out there?  The internet and especially Pinterest have brought an infinite amount of knowledge and choices to us. Our choices are almost limitless in the design of a new home.  I am embracing this time while the home is being built and trying to uncover every resource possible.  I have 5 months before the final sink choices  have to be ordered.  What else is out there?  It's fun exploring!


Christy said...

The "Stages" sink is fantastic! It makes all your culinary dreams come true. And your "special" sink is gorgeous, warm and homey, too.

Christy said...

Just watched the video on the "stages sink". Wow is all I have to say. It's so true that sinks are a wasted space but with this sink it becomes a cutting board or staging area, etc. So impressed! Your new pink dishes will be happy soaking in there.

Linda A. said...

Thank you for sharing all this information.
This house building journey of yours is very exciting!

frenchbourne said...

Who the italian sink. I always loved the german sink myself too but the italian one will look gorgeous with your range!! Its great that you could keep on tweaking it from your desk and choose the best from anywhere in the world. OOOhhh my can't wait.