Saturday, September 5, 2009

Halloween in the Store

It is evident that fall is near by - acorns are dropping from the trees, leaves are just starting to turn, and the sun is shining differently. So it's time for Halloween in the store. We have fun every year with an adult party theme, Evenings of Gothic Romance! Absinthe decanters, witches brews, and black veils bring on the party atmosphere. Fancy witches riding peacocks, and crows wearing their finest crowns, it is a party for the whimsical spirits. This year we found a great Absinthe liqueur called LUCID, black with green eyes peeping at the party goers! We love the venetian glass Absinthe decanter, and it's great for a Listerine dispenser in the bath room after the party is over!(Absinthe is a liqueur from France and has been illegal in the US since 1905, and was just recently legalized.)
Since Halloween is supposed to be for the kids, this year it's Halloween at the Circus! Cute little mice, riding the backs of elephants, play with their ringmasters! Too Cute to believe!

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