Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Laundry Day Blues

Laundry rooms can be a fun place to be! So I like to treat them like they are an important room in a home. And I just love my big blue washer and dryer - so cool to watch do the work! Old painted tiles were collected over several years to form a backsplash over the washer and dryer. An old kitchen sink was refinished and given a new purpose in the laundry room. It's a great size for flower arranging or handwashing delicates. The vintage flower shop door was found and built into a shelving unit to showcase majolica. The old green painted cupboard provides lots of storage for flower pots and decorative containers. A collection of old french painted pottery sits above the washer and dryer. Baskets hold laundry and the usual selection of single socks waiting for a mate!
An antique chandelier shines brightly in the center of the room, creating romantic ambiance for the laundry experience. French linen water and scented lavender dryer towels make doing the laundry more enjoyable. It's a room I really don't mind being in - bright, good scents, and surrounded by things I love!

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