Monday, November 9, 2009

Thanksgiving Tables

My girlfriend, Lynda who lives in Atlanta, has formed a group of women to do "Martha things"!

Their first meeting was last Friday, and they toured 3 homes to view the Thanksgiving tablescapes that each of the owners had created. Each of the participants bought and shared family Thanksgiving recipes. Unfortunately, I only saw my friend's, but I am hoping for pictures from the others. These photo's show 2 different tables in Lynda's home, already set for a large gathering of 14 on Turkey Day. Each was created by re-using dishes in new combinations on her tables, and being able to gather lots of southern dried hydrangeas from the bushes in her yard!

One of the simplest tablecloths is on the table in the sun room by the pool. Faux crocodile leather was purchased from JoAnnes and just laid on the table - perfect for textural interest and clean-up from turkey gravy! Lot's of organic elements were used, naturally shed antlers, feathers, moss, and wooden trays. Plenty of candles were placed prominently on the tables to add to the festive nature of the occasion.

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