Saturday, October 23, 2010

From Sunrise to Sunset - A Book is Born!

A spectacular sunrise over Lake Michigan and a sensational full moon over Lake Michigan in the same day - is that an omen of good things to come???? It was yesterday morning- I left my house to go the the airport to pick up Lynda as the sun was rising. As I looked at the lake, the sunrise was unbelievable and I had to stop and get a picture. It was going to be a good day ; our book was finally going to press! Lynda flew in from Atlanta to go with me to our publisher's plant and watch our book being printed. We were excited. Our fantastic account manager and "teacher of how to and sell a book", Jean, met us at the door. They were ready for us. The metal plates were lined up on the huge press, ready to be attached to the rollers. As each of the "forms" ( a grouping of 12 pages) were printed, we had the luxury of fine tuning the color. Tyrone, a veteran of over 25 years in the printing business, worked his magic on each of our pages by increasing or decreasing the various colors of ink. And the pages look awesome-sharp and perfect colors. Once the forms were approved, the copies of our pages rolled off the press, and were placed on palettes, ready for the binding process. On Monday, the dust jacket and book cover, along with the final pages of the book will be run- and then binding will begin. As we drove home last night from Milwaukee, and drove into Lake Bluff, we saw a stunning full moon over the lake. A magical beginning and ending to an exciting day! A book had been born!

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Anonymous said...

Cogratulations, Susan!! What an accomplishment! I wish I could have been there!