Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Look What's Coming to Romancing the Home

Just got back from a 8 day trip to Atlanta for the January gift show! After much delay due to the winter ice storm, we finally made it - via standby on Delta , the Marta, and 2 very nice guys from Kentucky that rescued us and our luggage from the train station and hauled us up the hill to our newly found accommodations, as we couldn't make the final last miles to Lynda's house due to the awful ice on the roads. What a trip! But in spite of the terrible weather, new merchandise was purchased and is on the way back to Chicago! These pictures are just a peak into the delicious new things that Jill and I purchased at the Atlanta Market. We a planning a pale oatmeal, blushy pink, and slate blue palette for one side of the store, and the other will be filled with richer colors - brown, red, black, anchored with tasty new Jan Barbaglio dinnerware and home decor. Jan has debuted beautiful etched glass dinner plates, with a crest, and layered them on a nickel charger. Perfect for large ottomans, we ordered a new line of over sized trays in blacks and reds. This trip was particularly good for artwork- we love the four panels of the map of Florence and purchased many similar pieces of artwork- great crests, black and white portraits, and a fun rendition of the 3 monkeys. And as one of our biggest selling categories, we are bringing in several new candle lines for the season, in addition to new scents for our old favorites. We found additions to our imported line of French foods - a basil olive oil - to die for- and a Chocolate Candied Orange Peel spread, and let's not forget the flavorful Truffle Sea Salt. We purchased many new lines for the store and are especially excited about the new dinnerware lines and table linens. Overall, it was a productive trip, with lots of new things coming to inspire us! The jewelry has already arrived and as usual, is priced right and trend right- come take a look!

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