Sunday, July 24, 2011

A Girl's Best Friends - Rhinestones, Crystal Glasses, and Pink!

As I am unpacking my treasures from my 3 weeks of antiquing, I become acutely aware of my fondness for beautiful crystal stemware, anything with rhinestones, and most everything pink! The beautiful pink satin prom dress was found in Wisconsin - note the delicious rhinestone buttons. It will be used in the store to display our incredible new collection of rhinestone and crystal jewelry. The gold etched stemware was purchased in the south - mostly in Atlanta. I am collecting individual stems that look pretty together, so our customers can mix and match the glasses. The vintage silver goblets look great with the crystal and will be available at the store. The rhinestone brooch is a find that I can't ever part with - I just keep thinking of different ways to use it- on a handbag, on a dress, or just simply on a pink velvet pillow. One of my favorite finds on this trip was the billowy pink peacock! Can you imagine it in a baby's room or as a centerpiece for a wedding shower? OMG. Needless to say, we have several coming to the store for our customers. Purchasing pink macaroons at Sucre in New Orleans, I have combined them with the gorgeous raspberries for the delicious pink delight in one of the gold etched glasses. Catching up on my blogs this morning, I found this beautiful pink floral cake, the pink cameo votives ( how pretty are they?) and the pink peonies with the silver votives and thought you would also enjoy the pink eye candy!

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Wendy@~Chez~La~De~da~ said...

Thought I died and went to
:*~:*~ PINK HEAVEN:*~:*~
I love the peacock, needs to be at my house....but I suppose she would cost plenty huh?
The cake is a dreamy confection, but you are right.....who would give up that brooch? NOT ME!!!
Adored this post sooooo much