Monday, July 25, 2011

A Paris Find to Melt Your Heart!

While on our antiquing trip, Linda D. and I came across the most gorgeous Parisian scrapbook. Inside were old fabrics, velvet ribbons, buttons, engravings and gilded embellishments. Unfortunately, it was not for sale, but we did take some photos of some of the pages with our phone. They are not the clearest, but you will get the idea. While at the gift show, we did find some lovely, hand made in France, over sized parchment scrapbooks. They give the overall feeling of being an antique, even though they are new. We purchased them for the store, so that our customers can create their own version of this enticing book.

1 comment: said...

Oh, I love it! I'm thrilled to be taking my first trip to Paris in a few weeks!!!
Such gorgeous embellishments in the book you found--too bad it wasn't for sale!!!

Lana in Italy