Saturday, October 8, 2011

Fall Decorating Ideas - Our Special Velvet Pumpkins

It seems our customers cannot get enough of our velvet pumpkins, so very cute with their real pumpkin stems. They make a statement with just one sitting on a book or sitting in a compote. But I love a collection of them shown in a variety of containers with differing heights. Notice how they really show up in this collection of Italian creme ceramic baskets. We tucked in a little reindeer moss on the sides to pop the colors. A bittersweet wreath is placed over the display on the old mirror. As a final touch to this fall scene, we tucked in a little vintage orange vase filled with fresh flowers still growing in the garden. We just recieved a new shipment of this precious little pumpkins, with some new colors - a squash orange and a black with caramel undertones.

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