Thursday, October 6, 2011

Antiques Inspire Creative Thoughts

On Fridays, I try to use the day to boost my creative thoughts. Antiquing certainly helps the process, as you never know what you will find. Last Friday, I came home from our local farmer's market a different way and happened upon a little Lake Bluff house sale! Treasures were abundant. I adore these little colored glasses and found many more to add to my collection. They are great for drinking wine or using as tea lights! The little pair of black satin slippers called my name and I could not resist them, even though they had been eaten by mice on the sides. I'll figure out a way to hide that spot, but I ponder how many parties those shoes had danced at?? The wonderful old tray with it's raised detail has a gorgeous floral fabric under the glass. A selection of old jewelry boxes with French inspired scenes was purchased to add to a collection. The boxes are detailed with gilded paint and little accents of a divine French blue. When I get all my finds of the day home, I realize how they all go together - it was a girly day of finds. Arranging my flowers from the farmer's market, I just stare at the new finds and start to plan how I will use them. I love all the colors together. My creative juices are flowing!


Entertaining Women said...

We could have so much fun antiquing together. Thanks for sharing your neat finds. Cherry Kay

cityfarmer said...

to be sure, it is the SMALL moments in life, isn't it
love 'taking a different way home'!!

can you call me ... I have some pretty pretty glassware!