Monday, March 26, 2012

Grocery Store Flowers - a true bargain!

Grocery stores are improving their floral selections, especially during holiday times. This past weekend, Dominicks was selling gorgeous large cymbidium orchids for $20 dollars with your preferred card. This is a great bargain as these flowers last for many weeks! Trader Joe's offered beautiful bouquets of flowering cherry blossom branches, hyacinth, irises, and tulips at very low prices- you could get a huge display of flowers for under $20. Who could resist them? I watched almost every customer walk into Trader Joe's and pick up a bunch and put it in their cart. Fresh flowers really add a beautiful touch to your day! The branches and tulips work well together in a silver champagne bucket, while a square glass vase is perfect for the hyacinths and tulips. Placing the arrangement in front of a mirror, doubles the impact of the flowers. Just a simple statement of only iris in a large vase is perfect!


Moore or Less Cooking said...

Just returned from my home town of LA where there is a Trader Joe in every town, I would kill for one by me in the sticks of Maine! I love having fresh flowers in every room! Hubs had purple tulips in the kitchen and bedroom upon my arrival! Love them.


Parisienne Farmgirl said...

Mornin' lady!
Blogged about your lovely store today!
Can't wait to visit again on Saturday!