Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Finally Moving In!

We moved in to our new home 2 weeks ago using the things from our Asheville apartment and a few new purchases!  Our truck from Chicago is on the way and arrives this afternoon.  It will be great to be surrounded by our  old things again.  So before the place gets cluttered with moving boxes- here are a couple of pictures of the interior as it is this morning!

The new urn console table arrived yesterday.  It divides the living room into separate spaces.
It is a weathered gray and fits perfectly at only 20 inches wide and  7 feet long. 
Thank you Horchow!

One side in the living room is almost complete! The other sides waits for furniture from Chicago.

  Just rugs and a few pillows to complete the look- coming in the boxes from Chicago.

The foyer- looking a bit lonely with it's single settee. 

 The long farm table arrived from Restoration Hardware and
is anxiously awaiting its chairs from the windy city! 

Cooking on this range has been awesome!

 Flowers on the table await my daughter and her fiancé, along with my friend from Atlanta!
Never too soon for guests to arrive.

A few of my treasures that have been gathered this past year now can be displayed.

My antique hardware has been installed on the crystal cupboards.

We are loving this light filled space in the mornings.

Very comfy Lee chairs arrived for the master bedroom.

 Looking up at the master bedroom ceiling-

Master bathtub awaits a sore back.

The elevator has been a godsend moving into the house! 
My fabric panels of books are perfect wall covering for the elevator inside.  

 A guest bath is readied for it's first use this weekend.


We wake up this morning to sun on the mountain in front of us and the clouds slowly going away.
In the next 10 minutes, those clouds are evaporated  and the mountain is fully visible.

Sunny warm days for the moving truck today- 70's!!!!  I love the mountain weather-


Christy said...

Finally! I've been anticipating and almost salivating waiting to see the pictures and I knew iI would be blown away. The twin mirrors flanking the fireplace are one of the prettiest I have ever seen. Love how you placed the sofa's! The conservatory is so inviting with the table and chairs for morning coffee. But the kitchen is STUNNING!!! The farm table and the overall kitchen looks like it belongs in France! Ooh la la!!! The home is overflowing with warmth and contentment for your guests. It is filled with love. Blessings to you and Jay for creating a haven in the mountains.

Christy said...

Forgot to mention the elevator...LOVE!!!

Jill said...

You have been a very , very busy girl it looks like!-- everything is falling into place so beautifully ! Looks like you found a place to buy a few flowers too 🌹🌷---bet your guests couldn't believe it all!! can't wait to see how all from Chicago fills in --but Susan and Jay .... You have a magnificent home!! You are going to sooo enjoy this beautiful home--- you did great!!!!

Ian's Girl said...

How exciting! It's all looking so beautiful, and will only get better.

Cameo said...

So excited for you guys! I have been reading your blog for 2 years and never commented until today. Just so happy for you and know you will love the area and your beautiful new home! I have lived in NC and SC for the past 25 years and it is a hidden treasure..... shhhhh try and keep it a secret :) Please keep us posted with more pics and soak your back often. Everything looks divine!

Ron said...

What a beautiful home. I cannot wait to see more progress, but it is looking wonderful so far. Enjoy!

La Vie Quotidienne said...

Totally awesome. The details are amazing. What a glorious home.

Lorene said...

How Beautiful your house is!!!! I have been checking your blog for days now awaiting the big move in day....thank you for sharing your lovely home....can't wait to see it once you get all your goodies from Chicago moved in....

EnchantedRose said...

Beautiful....beautiful...can't wait to see everything from Chicago, bring in more beauty...

MT said...

Congratulations to you and Jay
Love you

Marlene said...

It's absolutely fantastic, as I knew it would be!! You have gotten so much done so fast! Can't wait to see what comes from Chicago!! Simply gorgeous-- Congrats to you and Jay.

Barbara B said...

I am also glad to see you back with gobs of ideas for the elegance you create. I have missed all of that the past 2 years of you building this beautiful house.Looking forward to many surprises in this adventure of your life. Barbara B

Rosemary and Thyme said...

Oh be still my heart!! What an incredible home. I am blown away. You have done an incredible job.

This is the home of my dreams. That kitchen with the French stove, The great living room. It is all spectacular.

I can't wait to the rest.



Katha said...

Oh my goodness!!! BREATHTAKING! It is all so beautiful down to every little detail. How did you get that moss on the fireplace header? Now that is really something! Beyond happy for you and Jay ❤️