Thursday, May 3, 2012

Black and White Tent- Spirit of 67 Home Tour last minute details

Our tent- finally up with 6 girls helping! We waited until 6  o'clock Wednesday for the weather report- Penny called Gregg- her husband the fireman, for the latest radar report- no storms until late Thursday!  Meanwhile, our local weather forecast was certain for thunderstorms on Thursday. But what was I thinking?  I have been doing this event for 8 years and it has NEVER rained!  So I gathered the troops, we figured out the instructions, erected the tent and tied it to the heavy black urns for hope- the only hope if it rained! I ran to Dominicks- I was completely out of flowers, bought the baby's breath and orange roses and created the floral detail for the chandelier. Julie met me at the home at 7 am in the morning and helped me tie it to the chandelior.  Then out went the pink peacocks, the home owner's wonderful black and white china and our floral embellished cakes.   This tent is from Z-Gallerie and is exquisite with it's finials and black tassels.  It takes a village to set up, but is strong and beautiful.  Inexpensive Chivari chairs ( only  $34.00 online with a cushion  and great little 120 inch  round  table clothes for only   $12 that my friend, Lynda, found on line.(  Email me for the details of these web sites if you are interested.) Kathleen's  grounds are breathtaking- ponds with big green bullfrogs- gorgeous flowers, big huge urns with evergreens under planted with pansies- sigh-  and this tent is perfect for her terrace. 


Amber said...

LOVE the canopy! Your decor looks fabulous!

Splenderosa said...

Gorgeous ~ What a labor of love. And, beautifully executed Susan. Where did you find those pink peacocks? xx's

Emily said...

Just beautiful!!

Alison @ The Polohouse said...

This little slice of heaven was just gorgeous, Susan.

This is where we ended our day and we all wanted to sit and have wine under the canopy --- and stay for hours!

You create such magical yet intimate settings.
Loved the boxwood chargers too.


Anonymous said...

Good job! The tent looks really cute with those pink peacocks especially with such late notice on the weather! I hope everyone appreciated your girly sophistication.