Friday, June 29, 2012

San Francisco with the "Littles"

The family playing Bocce ball

Playing on a haystack

Grand Daughter Audrey's Sunflower she gave to me!

Visiting Picchetti Vineyards - one of our favorites. Love this ceiling!

Cheese from Beechers in Pike's Market that we bought with us to San Fran

Flowers at Ferry Building in San Francisco

Blood Oranges at Ferry Building Market

Petite Gelatin Desserts at La Cocina- beautiful little edible pieces of art!

View from the Ferry Building Boardwalk

View from the Ferry Building Boardwalk

Fisherman's Wharf

Cheddar and purple cauliflower from a local vegetable stand

Lemon Semi Freddo made by my 3 son's and me - divine!

Time to get buckled in and head back to Montana!

Audrey playing in the fields! Bye ! See you next time!

After leaving Seattle, we flew to San Francisco to see my son Wes and his family.  My son from Chicago flew in  and my son from Montana and his family drove over and met us there.  With four grandchildren ( the Little's- smallest children in their classes! thus the nickname "the Littles" ) , we decided that Bocce ball games and petting zoo farms would be fun.  Taking Bart into the city, we all went to the Ferry Building for the big food market, walked the mile plus to Fisherman's Wharf  ( the kid's were troopers), and then rode the trolley. Then it was back to my son's home to prepare a great meal from the goodies that we had purchased from the market. Time to fly back to Chicago and get back to reality!


Emily said...

Lovely family Susan! I am craving all the wonderful sights and sounds and flavors of San Francisco after reading this! Nice chatting the other day! :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your trip to San Francisco with your family. Great photos!!!

Roz M

Mariterese said...

What precious grandchildren!!! Looks like an amazing trip