Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Sad for our Roses

4 weeks ago

 Today the roses in front of the house
 Today- the roses on the side of the house

A new rose bush brought over to us by our neighbors across the street- what a sweet gesture.

It was going to be a bumper crop of roses this summer.  With a warm spring, the roses in May were in their glory. We have never had blooming roses in May and we were thrilled,  The leaves were larger and darker and glossy- perfect specimens. I am so happy that I took lots of pictures of the beautiful flowers in May.  We were rushed to pack and  move my daughter to Virginia. My husband wanted to make sure the insects stayed away from the roses while we were away.  So he quickly grabbed the spray and gave them a good dose!  Unfortunately, the herbicide was the same size bottle and  color cap as the insecticide and you can guess the rest.   He  was hoping they would revive, but as I returned home from Vancouver without him,  I realized that it is not going to happen.  So I am on the hunt for roses- heading north to Wisconsin- I just have to get some before he gets home from his business trip.  This is very sad- those roses are his passion.  The neighbors brought over 2 roses and set them in the rose garden because they felt so bad.  Maybe if I can find large ones, we can have roses again by the mid summer.  I am hoping that the soil is not contaminated- if anyone knows  how herbicides affect the soil- please let me know.


Splenderosa said...

OMG. Well, if this was in a movie everyone would die laughing. But, I completely understand how you feel. My flowers are my passion, I must have fresh flowers in my home at all times, and the money I spend on them is for what I call "soul food." Replace the roses once you figure out the soil condition, but only then. Maybe take a scoop of the soil to your local nursery and ask the expert there. Big hug...

Amber ~ The French Pressed Home said...

Sigh! So sorry you lost those beauties. Your neighbors sound so loving. It's nice to hear that they care about you that way. Good luck on your hunt for new roses.

Mariterese said...

Oh Susan I am so sorry

Anonymous said...

Dad needs a huge hug from his daughter ! Nobody grows roses like he does!