Friday, April 19, 2013

Fuchsia Infusion

Have been so busy gathering and painting and displaying for our Parisian Hideaway show, that I have neglected my blog.  But here's just a glimpse of some goodies in store for you at our shopping event!  We love the color fuchsia and are using it for a pop of color in our grey and gold color scheme!

We found this fabulous compote and loved it so much that we had fuchsia taffeta drapes made to match for our entrance. They are not back yet from the workroom, but can't wait to see them!

Lot's of silver and fuchsia combinations!

 We are creating a great selection of Paris hat boxes-
 perfect for dressing up a closet and storing pretty things such as scarves.

All of the hat boxes are embellished with vintage ribbons, buttons, rhinestones and lace.

 We hope you love fuchsia too!  It's a perfect color to pop in a neutral color scheme- so summer like and happy!   Stay tuned for more goodies.  We are almost to the point of starting our displays in our Parisian apartment and I'll being showing you our progress!


Christy said...

Gorgeous color....mouth watering. Love the hat boxes....cannot wait to see it all.

Emily said...

I am getting excited! You know I am all over fuschia!! Can't wait to come visit!

Rosemary and Thyme said...

This is simply beautiful...