Friday, May 9, 2014

San Miguel de Allende- The Food Scene

Forget about fried - well there is some- but all in all, San Miguel offers an exciting food scene!  Spending seven nights in San Miguel, gave us the opportunity to experience many different restaurants!  Here's some of the highlights!

First of all- the bakery on the corner of Recreo and Corregidora- Cumpanio!  Awesome!  Went there almost everyday to get treats for breakfast and treats for Mikey , the house dog!

Beautiful, artistic breads!

This bakery also has a great restaurant to the side of it- we had a great lunch there!

Next - the Sazon Cooking School- part of the Sierra Nevada Hotel.   We took the market tour and Mexican specialties class on Tuesday morning.   After touring the food markets, we returned to the classroom, to watch Jose Luis prepare traditional Mexican cuisine.  While some of us were not so adventuresome  to eat the entire meal, the experience was definitely worth the low cost of $50.00 for the class.  Jose Luis proudly taught us his grandmother's recipes and we learned a lot about technique- especially making sauces, cooking with dried chili's and creating a great guacamole. 

arriving for our class

The kitchen-

Taking our seats in class!

we walked to the food market to buy produce for the class.

Christy and Jose Luis!

all types of dried beans

Dried chilis-

Unbelievable flowers- especially the roses!

                                the purple vegetable is a avocado with a very soft edible skin!

We purchased cactus to take back to class and cook!

Katha chopping onions! 

                                     Vegetables being grilled for the red and green sauces.

Katha is still chopping onions!

Juanita, Jose's assistant, making home made tortillas and sopes.

Chicken enchilada filling
Next it was off to shopping-

Beautiful courtyard restaurant  with a pretty ceiling detail.
The prettiest view was from the Rosewood Hotel.   We had tapas on the rooftop deck and lots of margaritas and wine-  extremely inexpensive at only $32 per person including a  generous tip.
entering the Rosewood to take the elevators to the roof top!

The views from the rooftop deck!

A private party was being held in one section of the Rooftop!  I was able to take a couple pictures of the pretty tables!

As the sun went down, the lights started to glow on the churches and town!

We had a wonderful large table with a great view!  Great service at this restaurant too!
Wide variety of tapas to choose from- something for everyone!

The next evening, we dined at Hotel Matilda's restaurant called Moxi!

Gorgeous lobby in the boutique hotel.  Note that all the books are turned backwards in the back wall!
Great art collection to view!

Seated for dinner!

Gorgeous table in back of Moxi-  ask for this one the next time!

Hotel lobby!

Loved this soap dispenser hand in the ladies room.
My favorite bite of the trip was at this restaurant!  Julie ordered a watermelon caprese salad that was to die for!  She gave me a bite and I was in heaven!  I have made this salad two times since getting home this week!
The next evening, we dined at "The Restaurant"!   While the food was not particularly memorable to me that evening, I will always remember the rose petals in the fountain!

The rose petal filled fountain at "The Restaurant"

The ceiling at the Restaurant!  Rope Chandelier!
Our last evening we dined at the Sierra Nevada restaurant!

Our old friend, Jose Luis from the cooking school, was the bartender there!

Beautiful bread!

Beautiful mango margarita with chili covered mango slice from Jose Luis! 

Beautiful salad presentation!

Candlelight in the background!
While we were dining on Saturday night, there was a big wedding celebration going on in town!  Lots of music, fireworks in the streets! This was the scene outside the restaurant!
 The get away car!
While we were in the Jardin on Saturday, we watched three weddings taking place- one right after the other!   I can easily understand why San Miquel is becoming a wedding destination!
Next post, I'll share pictures of beautiful homes in San Miquel!  


Sandy at You May Be Wandering said...

Wow! Your photos are stunning! I have always wanted to visit there - now I do even more! I found you through The Enchanted Home and look forward to following you! Have a lovely weekend! xoxo

Marsha Splenderosa said...

Your posts are going to all my girlfriends as I cannot imagine a little vacay more wonderful than this. YOU make it sound magnificent, and I am usually a "view of the sea" girl. xx's

frenchbourne said...

Oh l"m ready to go back! Excellant job on the pictures. That was not easy since there was 10 of us talking and ohh and ahhhing all the time…. it deserves to be in a book :-) The churches at sunset are beautiful. It just reminds me of how special the time was.

frenchbourne said...

Oh l"m ready to go back! Excellant job on the pictures. That was not easy since there was 10 of us talking and ohh and ahhhing all the time…. it deserves to be in a book :-) The churches at sunset are beautiful. It just reminds me of how special the time was.

Christy said...

Best onion chopper ...our very own Katha! I'm homesick, too. Food was fantastic! The view you captured of the church is so pretty! I loved the centerpiece for the party at Rosewood...I'm going to look for a watermelon/caprese recipe....sounds yummy! But the mango margarita was one of the best I have ever tasted.

Anonymous said...

Such vibrant colors! Reflects a very vibrant way of life I assume!

Charles "Carlos" Soberman said...

Nice blog post. But next time ask some locals (like me) what to do, where to eat, etc. you've just scratched the surface of our beautiful town.