Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Christmas Decoration Begins

The dogs know something is up!   Too many boxes sitting around, paper all over the place,
what is going on here!   We need our nap time! 

Really Susan- can't this wait until tomorrow?   I need my rest-
And so the annual ritual begins- with two dogs sitting on the sofa watching every move I make.
First it's time to make some bows.  I am in love with this new ribbon from D. Stevens.  Purple, raisin and plum tapestry with gold pleated edging.

I begin by decorating the sconces in the living room with vintage silver bottle brush and velvet morning glories with crystal centers.  This new ribbon is perfect, adding many shades of purple to the arrangement.



Next to the fireplace- snowy kale and lavender magnolias- a new look for this year.

A  Jay Strongwater pillow is perfect for this setting.

Next on to the big skirted table.  A huge arrangement of gilded branches, hydrangeas, and pearls fills an urn.
Dogs still resting-
 Time to start a little holiday cheer in the kitchen. 
 I'll start with the bistro shelves and add a few ornaments.

One of my favorite green and red ornaments-looks wonderful with tartan.

Fill the mercury glass samovars with frosted kale, evergreens and berries.

Harry's opinion about the whole holiday decoration scene-
Sorry dogs- much more decorating to do!   


Splenderosa said...

Susan, what kind of dog is Harry? They are both adorable. And, I'm loving them on the sofa right with you and your work. Best partners ever !!!

Emily said...

Looking good Susan! Happy Holidays!

Laurell Banner said...

That ribbon is gorgeous . You have inspired me to get going. Was not in the mood until I saw your blog.. The dogs look adorable. So glad to see little Addison and Harry together. CanT wait to see the finished product.

La Vie Quotidienne said...

This is absolutely beautiful! The ribbon is lovely, but then everything is lovely. And your little friends, they are pretty special too!

Unknown said...

Susan, you never cease to amaze! I wait with baited breath for every post, knowing it will be gorgeous! You've inspired my decorating for holidays throughout the years. Looking forward to seeing more of your wonderful decorations this season! We love to see your work, it truly motivates all of us!
Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Your mantel is beautiful and your dogs are precious! xo

Maryanne White said...

So very thrilled to have found your blog! Your photos are stunning. I could spend the entire morning lost in all the opulence