Monday, November 24, 2014

Thanksgiving Inspiration

America's favorite meal- Thanksgiving - is  in 3 days!   As I am sitting here writing this post. snow is softly falling outside.  It may be the first white Thanksgiving in many years. The first snow always makes me nostalgic. So  I am going through pictures of Thanksgiving from years past and have found some favorite images.   Looking for a little inspiration for  your Thanksgiving décor?   Check these out!

Linda, a dear friend of mine  and I have the same china!  But she has this knack of finding just the right touches to elevate the place setting to a sheer delight for the eyes!  Her table is set with twig shaped flatware, a gilded leaf dish, antique linens and stemware, all placed on a silver mirrored tray. 
Just divine! 

Linda's buffet for Thanksgiving

A couple of years ago, I hosted a fall party for my husband's staff.  I asked Jeannie at Twigs to make several arrangements for the table.  I wanted them organic and free form.  I still love to look at these pictures of them.

Using the same color palette, she filled rust eggs with the same colors.  How pretty these arrangements would be on a Thanksgiving table.

It's a hike out to Geneva, Illinois from here.  But it's worth the drive to the third street chocolate store called Graham's  to get these chocolate cornucopias and painted chocolate pumpkin shells.  The ideas are endless for fillings-
pumpkin or chocolate mousse,  fruits, whipped cream, and such a beautiful presentation.

Ghost pumpkins welcome guests on the front porch.
I am not sure what I did for special touches during the fall season, before I discovered
Hot Squash's velvet pumpkins.  Here I am playing with some vintage turkey plates that are now in my friend Mariterese's china collection.   The horn glasses and old linen napkins work well with the turkey dinner plate.

My friend, Lynda's Thanksgiving table in Atlanta.  She used a faux leather croco embossed
piece of fabric as the tablecloth!  Brilliant idea.  Not only did it look good, it was easy to clean up the spilled gravy  when dinner was finished.

Another favorite- a more formal table at my friend Lynda's Atlanta home.  Love the feather placements, the old transferware bowls, antlers and hydrangeas.  The large silver chalice goblets add great shine to the table and are over sized- perfect for that large glass of wine!!!

Again- my favorite little velvet pumpkins.

My Favorite fall flatware, Antler horn and pewter from Vagabond.

 One of my favorite Thanksgiving tables.  I used small antlers as knife rests. A large leopard stenciled cow rug was placed in the center of the table instead of a tablecloth.   Bittersweet, gold painted pumpkins and pomegranates were used instead of flowers.


Several years ago, I set  a cozy Thanksgiving table in the kitchen.  There were only four of us for dinner so it seemed more intimate.  I used a tartan blanket as the tablecloth and placed two faux bois runners as the place mats.  The "runners" were shelf liners that I purchased at the dollar store!
They were vinyl and easy to clean. The orange rimmed dishes were from Blackberry Farm and given to me by friends for my 60th birthday.  I love using them in the fall.

A grouping of the famous velvet pumpkins in the foyer.

Another grouping of the rhinestone embellished pumpkins in a nest of antlers and rhinestone studded twig branches. 
As this special day approaches, I  wish everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving. 


Marsha Splenderosa said...

OMG, inspiration abounds here! I love your front door, the velvet pumpkins, the antlers, the old tableware and, of course, the 1st image. How beautiful!
And, thank you for taking the time to share. Love to Mariterese and you.

Sarah said...

Wow, every photo is filled with inspiration! I'm going to add many of these to my Pinterest board for next year. We are dining at friends this year, but I see several ideas I want to replicate next fall. I'm a fan of Hot Squash velvet pumpkins too. I tend to do something different with them each year. Crushing on your photo of the velvet pumpkins in the assortment of white lattice bowls. Are the bowls French? Gorgeous!
Your friend, Linda's, place setting is exquisite. Love the dishes. You two are lucky to have these in your cupboards. '-)
Happy Thanksgiving!

Anonymous said...

I was just wondering if you added a new post and I was overjoyed to see this one full of inspiration! All the tables are beautifully set to perfection, I just might have to jazz up my table...I need some of your dishes!

Mari said...

Absolutely stunning!
Wishing you a very Happy Thanksgiving...


Laurell Banner said...

I remember those days. Thanks for the memories.
Gets me inspired all over again. So beautiful.

Katha said...

I agree with Laurell, so beautiful to see pictures from the past! I miss everyone and our times at the shop, but life goes on with more memories to make. Hope all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

frenchbourne said...

OMG is right…I should of looked at this before Thanksgiving. To think I have everything for a beautiful table in my cupboard and I was racking my brain what I should do. See my farmettes are my inspiration. Such beautiful memories and moments to treasure. Love to all, always thankful for my friends