Friday, February 13, 2015

"WE", A Sweet Story for Valentine's Day

During this frigid day, I have been busy cleaning out drawers and organizing.  It's amazing  what you re-discover when going through this process.  Today I happened upon this enchanting little celluloid program book for a fraternity dance in 1932, held in Milwaukee at the Schroeder Hotel.   Reading it, my mind started to daydream about that evening. 


Most of the beautiful Art Deco architectural details still exist today.
The Schroeder Hotel was the finest hotel in Milwaukee in it's day.  It is now owned by Hilton and still retains much of the charm of the original hotel.  In the year 1932,  I'll bet it was quite a big event to go to the Schroeder for a Formal Dinner Dance.  
And it seems that  Miss Doris Pope was being escorted by Mr. Ted Carpenter.
My mind wandered- I wonder how long they had been dating.  How did he ask her to the dance?
Was there a chaperone? 

But more importantly- what was Doris going to wear to the dance?

I purchased this dress from a Milwaukee antique dealer year's ago- could it have
been worn by Doris? 

Pink pearls are sewn into gold lace on the bodice, while silk velvet makes the sash.
Doris would have been the Belle of the Ball.


And what shoes to wear to dance the night away with her true love? 
Perhaps these ribbon embroidery ballet flats.

The menu in the middle of the little book gives insight to the cuisine of the evening!
Fruit cocktail- the star beginning course.
And a slight nod to the famous Wisconsin relish tray- hearts of celery and JUMBO olives.
What did the Green Room look like? I'm not sure but I did find  this picture-----
This is the large ballroom at the Hilton Milwaukee City Center now- still with the original light fixtures.
I think the Green Room should have had green china- like this romantic 1930's pattern.

Green napkins with romantic little cherub napkin rings.

I can just imagine Doris and Ted enjoying each other's company, while eating
Roast Sirloin and Parisienne Potatoes off  this plate.

And gorgeous gilded stemware for the punch that I am sure was served.
Looks perfect with those lovely crystal chandeliers.
Alas, dinner is over and the orchestra starts.
 I peek to the back of the little book and find
Doris's dance cards. 


Of the 14 dances, Doris has entered the word - "WE" 6 times, including the last dance, a waltz.
Doesn't the word "WE" just say it all?  
Mr. Young, Lee and Mullen didn't have a chance!
Happy Valentine's Day! 



Ornate Splendor said...

What a sweet walk down memory lane! The history of the vintage pieces we all find in antique stores and flea markets are just so enjoyed this story today -- made me smile!! :) Catherine

Laurell Banner said...

Very lovely post. Milwaukee must have been a swinging town back in the day.
The beading on that dress is outstanding.

Katha said...

Such a lovely romantic story! The table setting is so beautiful and that dress divine! Wonder if they married and had their reception in that gorgeous room?!

Rosemary and Thyme said...

What a sweet and romantic story. Such a wonderful look into an elegant and romantic gone by era. The cloths, food and grand hotels of the time offered and elegance that is unmatched. You did an amazing job taking us down memory lane.

Thank you for the lovely images and wonderfully romantic post.

I hope you had a lovely Valentine's day.

Come by for a visit if you have the chance.