Sunday, February 1, 2015

Heavy Snow Looks Like Cake Icing

Finally- on February 1st- a true Chicago snowfall!  Had to get up early to capture the snowfall with my camera before the snow plows ruined the beauty of the morning!  I took these pictures about
5 hours ago and it is already twice as deep.  Dare I go back out there to capture the snow's progress?
Maybe in the morning!  Snow is predicted to fall until midnight and the winds are going to pick up creating drifting snow mounds.  Not sure which to watch tonight- the Super Bowl or the Snow fall!

I never get tired of freshly fallen snow- so white and clean.

 The angel in the middle of the front drive has had many inches of snow upon her shoulders
over the years.  The snow continues to fall softly all day.
Wind is starting to come in from the lake and the snow is drifting on to the front porch
and literally  icing all the furniture and evergreens.

Normally, the porch floor is Charleston green.  Now it is slippery snow white!


The view down the street from our back driveway.  I keep looking for the horse drawn
carriages on their way to grandma's house!

A perfect mound of snow on the wicker tabletop.

The newly planted spruce trees are enjoying their first winter in Lake Bluff.
I love how the snow falls on the iron gates that open on to our front porch.
Meanwhile, Harry doesn't even want to do out for a walk.  He would rather stay
on his pillow by the fire and watch the winter festivities from inside.

I agree with Harry,  We can watch Mother Nature
"do her thing" through the windows.
 Post Script- The Morning After!
It's Monday morning and the sun is coming up over the lake
and the snow is glistening!
Looks like we got another 6-8 inches or so-

 Last night about 5 pm- maybe 18 inches high??
 This morning!  Our back terrace table- maybe 22 inches high?
How quickly Mother Nature changes!  Blue skies today!


Jan Tanis said...

Yes...inside is the place to be! We've gotten close to 10", so I've heard here in southeast Michigan...with another 4-8" predicted yet for tonite and then some more after midnight. This could be the BIGGEST snow storm we've ever had here. And it's windy like crazy windy! Snugglin' up with my 3 Pups...and staying there in my recliner!


Rosemary and Thyme said...

Snow sure makes everything look heavenly. It is a winter wonderland. Gorgeous photos. Stay cozy and warm..

Happy Sunday.


Marigene said...

Beautiful photos...if it has to be winter, I prefer lots of snow! So far we have had a total of about 3" all winter.
Have a great upcoming week.

La Vie Quotidienne said...

Absolutely magical.

Amber ~ The French Pressed Home said...

Such beautiful and peaceful photos. I especially love your angel. A much needed blog visit this Monday morning. :)

Katha said...

Stunning! Love that you did the majority in black and white, it really shows the beauty of it all.

Sarah said...

These are beautiful photos. I'm in awe of how the snow builds up in perfect shapes atop the tables and chairs outside.
This TX girl has never experience snow such as this. I'd been like your sweet pup and choose to stay inside by a cozy fire.
Stay warm........