Monday, December 28, 2015

Christmas Season Sightings

   I have celebrated Christmas with family and friends  at home for 40 years.   Decorating for Christmas is one of my favorite "chores" during the year, so I truly missed it this year.  All of my Christmas decorations are packed up in storage, not to be opened until our new home is complete - hopefully by next Christmas. Since we sold our home in the summer and our new one isn't ready yet, we decided to spend Christmas in the city of  Chicago this year.
It was a different Christmas pace this year- having time to do little things- shop at a leisurely pace, try out a new recipe, have a facial, watch all the Hallmark Christmas movies that make me cry ! 
So I share with you glimpses of this  season- some moments that I will remember-
 for this final year in Chicago. 

Time to take bubble baths using these beautiful "bath salt cupcakes". - locally made in Hendersonville, NC.  

Time to shop antique stores !   Finding a set of fuchsia service plates at a wonderful price.
Again- time to shop in other retailers.  I haven't been in a Pier One Imports for over 10 years,
but this year I did!   Awesome selection of place mats and napkins.

Time to enjoy my  daughter's dining table set for the holidays! 

 Time to bathe and brush  my dog, Harry !  

The only holiday décor in our little rental- an antique pickle jar full of amaryllis.

Inspired by an article in an European home décor magazine,
 found time to scour the internet for  a red quill pen.

 Time to stare out the window of our hotel room at the Drake in Chicago
 and  enjoy the beauty of Lake Michigan..

Time to walk to Restoration Hardware for lunch and enjoy all the Chicago Brownstones that are
so beautifully decorated for the holidays.

Enjoying the lights in the city at dusk.

Having dinner at the Boarding House in Chicago on Christmas Eve- where the chandelier over the
bar is composed of  9000 clear wine glasses!

And the chandelier in the dining room is made of thousands of wine bottles.


Watching my husband take a homeless man, who had slept in the park all night,
 a warm breakfast on Christmas morning.

 Enjoying the architecture of the Drake Hotel.

Having tea in the Palm Court at the Drake on Christmas Day rather than cooking.

Wrapping little boxes of macarons for my husband's staff.

Time to enjoy my daughter's creativity.  I love this little clementine wreath that she made me. 

Being on Michigan Avenue on the day after Christmas and getting to score great deals on
Neiman Marcus ornaments.

Shopping the Ralph Lauren store the day after Christmas and finding a pair of the leopard shams that I have longed for so long- at half price!!

Returning home on the day after Christmas and not having to take down a dead tree.
Just put away an antique pickle jar that is filled with starry  lights.



Coming home and making my husband some apple rose morning rolls. 
Enough of these restful holidays!
Next year will be back to the hectic pace of a Christmas at home with a house full of people.
A crazy Christmas with all my family and friends -A time I hold dear to my heart!
 Merry Christmas to all!


LostRoses said...

It seems that this respite from your normal holiday was well done! Adding some new lovelies for the new house is a good thing, and at after-Christmas prices! Happy New Year!

Unknown said...

Such a lovely post and fabulous photos, I hope you had a wonderful and peaceful Christmas. Reading your posts is like having an American pen-pal, it is a wonderful window on a different lifestyle to mine.

Katha said...

Love all the beautiful pictures.,The city is so pretty at Christmas time. Looks like you had a very relaxing time as well as scoring some beautiful finds. Those apple rose rolls look divine! Happy New Year!

Sarah said...

Susan, you Christmas and after Christmas time sounds delightful. I didn't venture out to any after sales this year. Just couldn't rally for some reason. Thanks for sharing these Christmas sightings.

Debbie said...

Having been gone from Chicago area for almost 2 years, I still miss Michigan Avenue at Christmas time. Thank you, thank you for sharing the pics. While it really made me miss it even more, it was the next best thing to being there. I will really miss you living in that area, but also eagerly awaiting the day you get to move into your new home as well. If you keep buying all these beautiful things, you will need another 3 moving vans to get you there! lol