Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Leaving Lake Bluff

Thirty two years of great memories- that's what I am taking from Lake Bluff when I leave tomorrow.  I have been counting down the days- just wishing that I was already in North Carolina.  But now as the day is near, tears start to flow a bit.  Raising four children in such an idyllic setting is a rare gift in life.   When we moved here in 1984, Lake Bluff was a sleepy little village, not nearly as cool as it's big next door neighbor, Lake Forest.  But boy- have things changed.  Ranked one of the best places to live in Chicago, Lake Bluff is the coolest little town by the lake. Lake Bluff  helped raise my four children  My children lived and played in a safe place and their caring teachers prepared them for great accomplishments in their own lives

My favorite things about Lake Bluff- 
  the wonderful down to earth people
-  the beautiful change of seasons,
the beach,
 the farmer's market,
 Twigs ( oh how I will miss them)
being able to walk up to town and have lunch
(I will miss Bluffington's Tuna Salad sandwich)
 and the diversity of the architecture of the homes.

A few of my favorite pictures of Lake Bluff during the past years-

 Early morning walk by the beach
 Early morning by the beach
Spring view over Lake Bluff Beach
 Summer over the lake

 A hot July Day

No wonder Lake Bluff was named a great place to live by Coastal Living!

 Fall arrives at  the beach- I love the contrast of colors
Living so close to Lake Michigan, fog would roll over the area in a second when the wind changed
direction and the temperature was just right-

Fog off the lake in the spring lilacs

And the Lake Bluff skies were stunning-

But the heavy snows-

And those large sloppy wet snow falls just coating everything- like icing on a cake- gorgeous.

And then there is fall- the trees down Center Avenue

Fall flowers from the Lake Bluff Farmer's market-

Known for it's Fourth of July parade, visitors come from surrounding towns to watch.

The Fourth of July Parade

And one of my favorite memories- that turkey that took up residence at
the corner of Rockland and Greenbay for several months.  I was so sad when he left town.  

 One of my favorite things to do in Lake Bluff- the farmer's market.  Bountiful goodies await!

 Wisconsin Cheeses

Sunset through the clouds and trees in Lake Bluff.
  It seems like yesterday that we moved here from California, but it was 32 years ago! 
 Today, a new adventure begins.
Today is the final day of work for my husband. 
Tomorrow the moving truck comes and we pack for our final move to North Carolina. 
 I am looking forward to this next experience in my life.  But leaving Lake Bluff is sad.  It has given me so many great memories- a wonderful home, wonderful friends and a wonderful  environment to raise my family. Yes Lake Bluff- It is a Wonderful Life!
  It is a good thing that memories pack so well!!!


Katha said...

Oh Susan, I will miss you so! The picture of the snow covered porch did me in...and the arbor, I remember how happy you were when you came home from a trip and it was waiting for you. Such a wonderful labor of love. I have to stop because I can't see the screen through my tears.
Thank you for all you have ever done for me and my family!
Until we meet again...

Christy said...

To say you have been a positive influence in my life is an understatement. All those Saturday's stopping by the store to hang out, the wonderful parties at your house, the out of this world book you created for your "Farmettes", your recipes, your ideas, your help with my son's rehearsal dinner,.,,,,I could go on and on. And how could I forget the "fabulous" shoes you effortlessly created for me to wear on his wedding day! But the experience I will remember the most are our road trips to much fun, so many laughs! I'm not crying because it's over; I'm smiling because it happened. This is just an extended leave of absence because I look forward to being your guest many times in your new home! Blessings and love to one of the best people I have ever met! Keep your eye out for a potential suitor for me....hopefully he does not wear overalls!!!

JOAN LEWIS said...

Susan, Welcome to your new life in NC. Rik and I remember much how you and Jay were so instrumental in our wedding almost 8 yrs ago and of course Gail lives in all of us. Laurell and Christy are coming tomorrow to what we view as our paradise, Naples. Rik can work from here and I hope that you and Jay experience that same paradise in NC. Side note - Rik bikes 28 miles everyday before he sits in his office and he will come home and say I'm playing hooky
because i just saw Gail! Whenever
he sees a red solo cup on the side of the road we both agree it's a sign from Gail and we should all enjoy life! Enjoy!!!

Laurell Banner said...

I am sure it was difficult leaving Lake Bluff. It is such a jewel tucked in by the lake.
You really showed the flavor of living in Lake Bluff with your fabulous pics.
However where you are going is a photographers dream. Between seeing your dream house being built and taking photos of all the nature surrounding you, it will be heavenly.
Wishing you and Jay all the happiness in your new adventure in life.
You are going to be truly missed.
However now I have a second home to visit.

Anonymous said...

Susan, I will miss so much your pics of the Chicago area and the memories they always evoked for me, a former Chicagoite. I truly understand all the emotions you are having right now. But, your move to NC has aroused my interest and I can't wait to begin to see the progress on your new home and all the fun things you will be doing. Good luck with the move!

Sarah said...

Beautiful images, Susan. I know it's a bittersweet feeling. All the best with your new adventure.