Sunday, August 7, 2016

Planning a Wedding at the Biltmore

This next year will be busy!  Not only will we be moving into our new home, but my daughter is getting married at the Biltmore Estate!  This past week, she and her fiancé visited Asheville to begin the planning of the wedding.  We had a visit with our florist- the Bloom Room- to begin discussion of how to transform the Diana venue into a magical woodland wedding! We visited the venue to discuss our thoughts, then met at the florist to start the planning process!


The 180 foot long tent  will be transformed into a Mid Summer's Night Dream!
Antler chandeliers, barn wood  siding, moss colored up lighting, moss, dark purples
 and lots of candles will do the trick!

 A magical fairy land will be in these woods for the children to have fun.
Fairy houses, little elves and fairies, fairy lights all to delight the guests!
The wedding ceremony will take place here in front  of the Biltmore house!

A spectacular view from the terrace - I can't wait to see the wedding pictures!

the incredible attention to detail on the Biltmore house finished in 1895!

Looking through the stone balcony around the terrace.

Love these lanterns on the side of the home!

The incredible gardens behind the house- a spot for more great wedding pictures!
 The iconic conservatory!
Mia, one of the flower girls, leaving the florist meeting with a bucket of flowers!

The bride and flower girl!

Getting the flowers home and into a vase to enjoy! Not quite the right shade of purple
for my daughter's taste- but we have 10 months to find that perfect purple rose!
But oh- so much more to do!  A busy year indeed!


A Toile Tale said...

The Biltmore is indeed a magical place and you will have a beautiful, beautiful day. I always feel like I am in a wrinkle in time when I am there. May God bless your family and this marriage.
Linda @ A Toile Tale

Terri Irvin said...

Congratulations on your daughter's wedding. I will enjoy reading your posts in the next ten months as you plan for this beautiful day!

Jill said...

It is already a glorious spot-- can't wait to see what the fairies and you add to its beauty!!--- it is going to be such a special wedding!!

Pinky at Designs by Pinky said...

This could be the best year of your life! I know I loved every single minute of helping my daughter plan her wedding! To me it was magical! Being able to be married at The Biltmore is FABULOUS! OMGoodness, it will be amazing. Can't wait to go along on this journey with you!!!

Christy said...

I cannot wait. This wedding, I know, will be spectacular! Love Mia and Julie together. The setting is amazing, gorgeous, breathtaking.

Roofing Contractors New York said...

I am sure that everything will turn out so gorgeous and spectacular on your daughter's big day. Looking forward to see stunning wedding decor idea, fun and frolic.

Sarah said...

Busy, busy year indeed! But just think about how much fun it all will be. I think a wedding at the Biltmore Estate will be fabulous. I didn't realize that they allowed weddings there. Wonderful! Having your new home move in ready will be the icing on the cake.

Marsha Splenderosa said...

What a fabulous place for a wedding! This is one of my favorite places in the USA. The first time I rounded the bend from the parking area I literally gasped. Seriously! I know you will love every single minute of planning, and it will bring your daughter and you so much closer. I cannot wait to hear more about what you plan. sending love.....

Laurell Banner said...

This will be a busy and exciting year for all of you.
The most beautiful wedding venue for the most beautiful bride.
Can't wait to see it all come to life.
Love, Love, Love