Monday, May 22, 2017

The Week Before the Wedding- Finishing Touches

My daughter's wedding is this Saturday!   I cannot believe it is really here.  My husband and I have hung countless pictures, moved furniture and organized countless drawers during the past 10 weeks trying to get our new home ready for the wedding. This past week was a crazy one with lots of deliveries and last minute projects.  I cannot believe that we got this much done.

Trying to get all the last minute details complete is stressful.   Jay just picked up the newly cut piece of leathered granite for the console in the foyer on Friday.

We upholstered this little bench in a chartreuse this week!

Rearranged and relocated all of the lamps in the house!

Placed pillows around, but still need some more!

                        Built a fern stand out of old lamp parts for the gathering room table.

Polished silver and filled pots.

Cleaned windows!

Met with the chef and chose serving platters for Sunday's farewell party.

Placed flowers in containers-

This foxglove broke off in a storm this week. 

 Received the 2 additional chairs that I ordered for the screen porch on Thursday-

The cocktail table was fabricated from a cypress stump that was pulled from the Apalachicola River. It was delivered back to us on Thursday!

Opened boxes in garage and found old urns for back porch. 

Painted and distressed the finishing frame around the antique mirror tiles in the powder room.
Installed it this past week.

Recovered this little stool for Jay's bath.

 Received this little French chair back from upholstery shop.

Made 4 new pillows for the lower level sitting room.

Received and installed a new modern piece of art on Wednesday!

Layered a new cowhide on top of the olive one below.  Received my old gilded sofa back from the upholstery shop-now in gray pane velvet-

Found 2 long runners for downstairs hall.

Made the beds for guests this weekend.

Put flowers in Julia's bath for this week.

 Julie and her fiancé arrive here in a couple of hours. 
There is nothing like a wedding to motivate you to get your house in order.   Landscaping is finishing up today and I have  a few more tweaks to make.  But the major things are complete.  I need a nap!


Sandy Lemasters said...

This is truly beyond words! Love it all, you're such an inspiration!

La Vie Quotidienne said...

Amazing - what a wonderful wedding this will be. No one could ask for a more beautiful site.

Mari said...

Your home is looking just beautiful, congrats to your daughters up coming wedding, wishing her many happy years...


Yellow Rose Arbor said...


Congrats on completing so many projects!

Enjoy the wedding festivities!


Barbara Novello said...

Absolutely beautiful - I am so happy for you but a little jealous! LOL
Seriously enjoy every inch of it!

Undecided said...

Your hard work has paid off. Your new home looks beaautiful! Savor your time with your daughter's wedding.

Linda said...

Breathtaking--better than Architectural Digest homes!!! As a retired Realtor I can truthfully say that the decor far surpasses the most expensive homes I have ever been in!!! Have some fun now at the wedding!!

Margaret Carruthers said...

Congratulations and I am in total awe of your home.

Christy said...

Can I just say I can easily live in the screened porch!! I love the white furniture & the cypress stump table is unique! I love the ferns all over especially in an old lamp. Gorgeous! BUT, the piece de resistance is the lower level sitting room. OMG!! Unlike any lower level I have ever seen! I absolutely love the chartreuse accents. Thank you Julia for getting married......cannot wait!!

Jill said...

Susan, I can't believe all that has happened since I last saw the house!!--- every piece is spectacular and together it is beyond words!!---i love it all!, the pop of colors are fantastic, the reupholstered furniture wonderful, each room is now complete and beautiful!-- you really have outdone yourself!!--- and Jay too!-- I know he was a big help in all of this effort!--and I bet Julia is so happy!! You clearly deserve that nap!-- and now on to what I know will be a one of a kind wedding weekend!! Let the celebration begin!!

Cameo said...

Absolutely positively divine! You guys have to be physically and mentally exhausted!
I hope you rest and reflect in your Pjs while sipping champagne for a solid week after the
My best to your daughter and son-in-law!