Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Our House Construction Completion Party

After moving and settling into our new home, having our daughter's wedding, it is now time to finally celebrate with our construction crews, builders and architects.   With Platt Architecture designing our home and Tyner Construction building it, we truly had a dream team.  No building nightmares, just a smooth wonderful process.  I am sad that we are finished as I have developed a fondness for many of the people that built our home.    My husband and I wanted to show our gratitude and throw a great party to celebrate their talents.

 It was wonderful to finally have time to think through the extra details that make a party special and actually do them!  Like making floral and fruit ice cubes to ice down the white wines.
 Time to cut the small pink roses from the organic drift roses in the front and wash them thoroughly to remove any bugs.

 Filling the oversized ice trays with cherries, berries, mint and roses to be frozen.

 And while I was busy socializing last night and didn't get a picture until the guests had left,
you can see how pretty these were in the giant  bowl surrounding the chilled wine.

As we live pretty far out in the country, there is not a close florist.  So grocery store flowers are our source for any floral need.  They seem to stock a fresher selection on weekends, so you need to buy them then.  

 I filled my refrigerator on Saturday with flowers that I would not be using for 4 days.
 They held up perfectly!
 We have this gorgeous coleus growing in the yard, so I added it to white roses for the entrance table.

 It tucked in beautifully to the clam shell beside the roses for the gathering room table.

Since cherries are in season now, I had time to pit and cover fresh cherries in edible gold and chocolate.    So much better than maraschino cherries.

This was a thoroughly good time getting ready for this party- no stress and lots of time to do it!
Classical music on, windows open with the sound of the river coming in- I am very happy.

  We had Chef Brian from the Star Diner in Marshall coming to prepare a feast for our guests.
His food is inspiring and I must confess- he  probably does make the best crab cake in the world!

 A large carving station was set up with perfectly charred pulled pork, beef tenderloin and pork tenderloin and a choice of 4 sauces and rolls. 
 Marinated tomatoes
 Pickled Vegetables

Heirloom tomato and fresh mozzarella  salad

                                                                   A shaved Brussel Sprout salad
 Roasted Salted Beets with goat cheese and pistachio pesto.

Crab Cakes and Chicken Saltimbocca completed the proteins with a side of mashed sweet potatoes with pineapple.

 For dessert, a cart was set up with deconstructed berry shortcakes, along with Peach Cobbler macarons.  As we are celebrating the completion of a French inspired home in the Southern rustic mountains, what would be more appropriate than a Peach Cobbler macaron???  

Raspberry and  chocolate macarons were enjoyed  too!

 The table was set with all the roses and a collection of culinary antiques.
Normally we fill this table with the food buffet, but this time we placed the food  on the buffets and island. Space was left for guests to sit and enjoy conversation and the food.

 The reclaimed wood table sits a lot of people around it and last night it was full!
 We had a wonderful turnout and a lively evening. We gave a few humorous awards to some key people in the project. Wives got to see their husbands work in a finished home and that was a first for some. Tears were shed and there was a lot of  hardy laughter .. A lot of food was consumed and people went back for seconds.  Some even took doggy bags home.  That's why I know it was a
great party!

I will miss not seeing these people on a daily basis.
But somehow, I think some life long friendships have formed.


Splenderosa said...

YOU are brilliant X10!
And, to host the people who built your home is absolutely wonderful! So generous of you guys.
And, the FOOD ???? To D.I.E. for !!!
I'm gonna use a couple of your ideas (like, I haven't before? ))
Sending love, Susan

Christy said...

I have no words! You finally outdid yourself if that is possible. What a gorgeous spread and party!! Seriously, everyone must have enjoyed the food to bits. Each food picture looked so yummy. I have to go back and look at it again. I loved the dessert station. The flowers were amazing but they always do look amazing because you place them in such gorgeous containers. I can just visualize it now with the classical music playing and the river must have been so special for them.

Laurell Banner said...

Another beautiful party creation. A bit nostalgic remembering all the times we spent in Lake Bluff.
I truly miss your creativeness in making everything perfect. You truly are a inspiration.
See you soon.

Katha said...

Your crew must have felt like they were in heaven!!! So generous of you and Jay ❤️

Sunnyeri said...

Amazing design with roses!
I`m following your blog with a great pleasure with GFC
Please follow me back - Sunny Eri: beauty experience