Sunday, December 3, 2017

First Christmas in our New Home

My Christmas decorations have been in storage for 2 years.  So my first chore is to get them out and sort them into two piles-  what works in this house and what doesn't work in this house!!!  And for the first time ever in my life, I have decided that the color red  just might work for Christmas.

Cautiously,  I started with my neutral palate - whites, greens and metallic. 
This snowy peony and magnolia wreath went on the front door.

My favorite angel finally  came out of her box after 2 years
and found a place of honor in her new home.

The living room mantle was layered with a woodland vibe-
bronze ferns, millinery birds, frosted logs, mushrooms and frosted kale.

Velvet pumpkins, frosted thistles, and snowy mushrooms were layered together.

Inspiration for the kitchen fireplace- more frosty snowy woods, but with a pop of Christmas red!

 Do I like this red invasion in my normally white and metallic Christmas décor?
 I liked the red so much that I headed back into the gathering room to add touches of red.

Red tartan throws, a few red Christmas pillows- of velvet and rhinestones.

A large vase of red amaryllis with lots of evergreens.

And all of a sudden- the room came alive with the Christmas spirit!  

The chartreuse accents in the room were perfect with the reds.  

But I can assure you that I will still find a few spots for the pastels of my past.

Who could possibly resist loving these little guys?

I still have much more to do- over 30 more tubs of Christmas to sort through before I'm done.
Our new tree arrives tomorrow and the decorating continues.  The pile to be donated continues to grow.  But every time I unpack a treasure from a Christmas past, 
it makes me determined to find it a place in our new home.


Deanna Rabe said...

Beautiful decor, I love the added red, especially the tartan!

Anonymous said...

I have been waiting eagerly to see what Christmas wonderland transformation you would make in your new home. And, I'm not disappointed. It is beautiful already! Can't wait to see the tree. And, man, do I wish I lived close to the store where you donate your "old" stuff!!!!

Thanks for once again inspiring me!

Alda Ellis said...

Flocking...LOVE IT ! Can you give us some instructions and materials used in your flocking? I don't think you can buy silks that are this pretty. I am a believer that "More" is always better...Please share your method of flocking.

Linda said...

Beautiful as always. Need to pep up the front door as it looks very cold. Your Christmas pieces are truly unique and gorgeous. Have fun tackling all those boxes!!! It will be like Christmas!!

Christy said...

RED is the perfect choice for your me there is nothing prettier than red and green for Christmas! I LOVE the red touches. It just makes it feel like Christmas!

Sarah said...

How fun to be decorating this gorgeous home this Christmas. I love the chartreuse!
Be cautious of what you let go of. Don't rush it. Christmas treasures bring much joy and spark our memories. I have way more than I ever use, but find that I often pull out different things from year to year.
Happy Holidays!

Katha said...

Love the red! It really adds another dimension. You know who else would really love it because to her Christmas was all about red and green!!! Can't wait to see the finished project and where you put your tree. I have a couple of thoughts, but will wait and see 🙂 Enjoy revisiting all your Christmas treasures.

Barbara B said...

I so look forward to everything you do. I have missed your posts and look forward to what you do. I bought your book which continues to inspire me. But look forward to where and what you do now. Thank you!!!

Laurell Banner said...

How exciting, playing with all your beautiful Christmas treasures.
Love the red. So festive.
Can't wait to see the next preview.

Mom said...

Very lovely!