Monday, January 15, 2018

January North Carolina Field Trip

After taking Christmas down, it was  a perfect time to evaluate my home decor.  Is it time for an update? Is this room really functional?   Or  is it finally time to go searching for something that you have been trying to do since last year?
My friend Jill and I moved in to our houses abut 8 months apart and we both have been looking for very specific finishing touches for our homes.  So on a rainy January day last Friday, we decided to drive to Hickory, NC and check out their furniture mart.  Hickory is about 75 miles from Asheville and is home to many furniture makers.  They also have a large furniture mart that sells many lines of furniture and has a large number of furniture outlets.  These outlets get the showroom samples from the previous season and offer great bargains to the consumer.  

After shopping the entire 4 floors, we ended up back in the Maitland Smith outlet on the first floor. 
This showroom was offering 40% off the outlet price on Maitland Smith merchandise.  They also carried Hickory Chair and Henredon.  After purchasing several pieces, we loaded up the small items and headed home. Delivery was set for a large sofa that I purchased for my husband's office.

One of my hunts was for a small French chair in a grey finish for my bath. And here it was!
I wasn't crazy about the blue color, but the price was so good, I knew I could work with it.
The size  was perfect.

After getting it home, I removed the seat cushion.  It was the perfect size to show off this fabric that I have been saving for several years.  

 I carefully removed the white cording from the seat, as I wanted to use it again. 

I purchased this beautiful  silk fabric on Ebay, a couple of years ago. It looks like a watercolor
and is a large scale repeat.   It fit the chair seat beautifully.

The roses are surrounded with tones of blues and navy, that matched the blue velvet back perfectly.

The finished chair! The perfect spot to put on socks!

A vase of pink roses to add more joy.  Time to take a bath!


rhonda said...

so lovely gorgeous silk fabric

La Vie Quotidienne said...

What beautiful fabric. The chair is lovely.

Essie said...

Beautiful! I am swooning over that gorgeous fabric...mmm.

Sarah said...

It's perfect! You have exquisite taste, and are one very talented lady!

Anonymous said...

You are amazing! That the blues matched so perfectly and looked like the chair was made for them both. How do you get so lucky?! I could have bought that fabric and had it for years before being able to match it so perfectly.

So enjoy seeing your bathroom since mine is in similar colors (all based on a piece of lace and a pillow purchased about 15 years ago from your Romancing the Home store).

Thanks for your continued inspiration and sharing your talents. I look forward to each and every post!

Deanna Rabe said...

That is gorgeous!

Christy said...


Treasured Up And Tea said...

That chair is remarkable, gorgeous!!! I am now following your blog. It's just lovely!

Katha said...

Perfection! Love it in the bathroom! Lucky you with the perfect blue!!!

Linda Lee said...

That fabric looks beautiful. You would never know its a print. It does look hand painted.