Monday, October 1, 2018

Flower Containers

One of my passions is  to go antiquing,  am I am always on the lookout for unusual floral containers.

Old glassware is especially useful to create a charming floral arrangement.

A single mis-matched sherbet gets a new life as a rose vase.
 Fancy stemware is perfect for flowers or tea lights. 

Old canning jars are perfect for casual displays of flowers.

Another favorite- old celery vases and spooners- 

Unusual baskets!

 Beautiful old pottery pieces

Wine bottles and demi-johns

Metal Victorian planters have so much character with their details.

A turn of the century planter with a violet in residence.

Garden urns brought inside.

The old stone French garden cone container.

Ironstone and copper

Vintage silver trophies and sea shells.

 A nautilus shell is the most beautiful container.

Confit pots and olive jugs

Old wire containers

My all time FAVORITE- a vintage horn and silver trophy!  When I found it, it was completely void of any silver finish.  So I sent it out to be re-silvered - it was so worth the investment!

Happy hunting!


La Vie Quotidienne said...

Everyone of these is have such a talent for creating beauty.

Bonnie said...

So beautiful and so you....I love these vignettes. So proud of your work. So happy I
know you. Hugs....Bonnie

Yellow Rose Arbor said...

These are all gorgeous! I enjoyed seeing them, thanks for sharing!


Linda said...

Rescuing old silver is a passion of mine. People who won't polish it because they like the "old" tarnished look forget the reason for silver--its glorious shine! The younger generation are either too lazy or ill informed as to the purpose of prevent disintegration of the pieces. As you can tell not polishing is a pet peeve of mine so was happy to see the way yours shone and your resilvering the gorgeous trophy--well done!!!

Christy M said...

Such gorgeous flowers and each and every container is special. We will have to search for a demi john.......always wanted just one. I especially love the old stone french garden! And the basket I love, too.