Thursday, June 11, 2009

Back from the Bee Hive!

Look at these beaches - where we rested after the wedding at the Bee Hive in Boston- all the way down to Cape Cod.
Last weekend in Boston, was our Bee Hive wedding. It was a crazy time , with a lot of fun and quite hectic getting the thousands of flowers onto a luggage cart and to the Bee Hive from the Fairmont. But persistence and a lot of wine helped the situation. We packed as many roses as possible into moss containers, hot glued roses on to curly willow stems, and wrapped napkins in velvet and menu cards. Honey comb runners ran down the tables, with modern dinnerware. Guests were assigned their table on a bee skep tag that was found on Etsy. The windows were filled with kangaroo paw, roses, curly willow, and calla lilies. Delicious food was served and the music was intoxicating. A special cocktail, watermelon martini, was served via an ice sculpture luge with watermelon and martini glasses encased in it. This wedding was a blast- awesome people, sensational food , and an unforgettable setting.

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Anonymous said...

Wow! Where did you get those magnificent roses. Everthing is so beautiful.