Saturday, June 13, 2009

First Impressions

Having just recently enlarged my foyer from the size of a postage stamp to big enough for four people, I am still experimenting with it's decor. It's the first impression when entering a home, so I want a feeling of warmth, coziness, and being welcome. Using a mix of embossed wallpaper, antique mirrors, old oil paintings, velvet drapery, and many little details, the foyer is full of surprises. Old stone floors are made cozy with sumptuous velvet drapes, embellished with crystal and silk trim. The detail on the mirror is aged gild, and there is always a sensual candle flickering in its reflection. I found this old silver lamp and updated it by adding a drum shade. The cherubs on it are adorable with their little spears. The old front doors are enhanced with two keyhole shaped oil paintings of elegant ladies. A tiny gilded chair, upholstered in an old piano scarf, has an antique gold lace pillow on it, and is adorned with a beaded rope tassel. A leather bound "Visitors" book sits on the demi-lune - reminding us of times when calling on one's neighbor was expected and enjoyed.

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