Thursday, October 22, 2009

Le Chateau Frontenac

While in Quebec, we stayed at the Fairmont Le Chateau Frontenac , an absolutely beautiful hotel built in the 1800's for customers on the Canadian railways, as they traveled across the country. The view from our room was of the St. Lawrence river and the town below. A funiculaire, a fancy elevator, carried you up and down the cliffs to the town below. The exquisite ballroom was added in the 1930's and has huge chandeliers. But the food in the hotel was unbelievable. My husband and I ordered a creme brulee to share one evening and it was served in a large soup bowl, and garnished with the largest blackberry that I have ever seen. The chef in the hotel grows his own vegetable and herb garden on the roof of the third floor. I would highly recommend this hotel, and be sure to take the tour about the hotel's history.
There is a sweet story about 2 young lovers that visited there in the 1930's and each made a secret wish while descending the beautiful staircase outside the ballroom. Sixty years later they returned with their children and grandchildren to the Le Chateau Frontenac and realized that they had both wished for the same thing, children and a lifetime together. As we left the tour guide at the top of the same stairs, he also had us make a wish as we descended the stairs. Wonder what Mr. RTH wished for? Probably for a great day of fishing!

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