Thursday, January 28, 2010

Grandma and Miss Audrey go Shopping!

Mr. RTH and I flew out to the San Francisco Area to see our first granddaughter, Miss Audrey Brynn . A first trip for Audrey to downtown San Francisco proved to be a great day trip, since it has been raining for a week. Today is warm and sunny ( especially compared to Chicago!). So we have always wanted to go to the Ferry Marketplace to see the artisan food vendors and savor the California food scene. The chocolates, the cheeses, and the fresh selection of flowers, produce, and meats were awesome. We purchased food for dinner tonight- a beautiful pomelo, burnt caramel sauce, fresh beets and smoked salmon. Deelish! We will go home and figure out what to do with these luscious ingredients.

Miss Audrey was a perfect baby- but was totally exhausted from the shopping experience. Guess I will have to train her for future excursions!

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