Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Northern California Charm

While in the San Francisco area, we stayed at a boutique hotel called the Hotel Los Gatos. The grounds are beautiful with these pretty pink camellias as you enter the guest room area. Flanking the restaurant doors are large urns with manzanetta and mosses . This establishment is a very cozy place to stay, especially during the winter months. I love the colors of the furnishings- turquoise, honey, browns, and terracotta. Lots of beautiful iron sconces and lamps light the romantic spaces. There are many individual seating areas tucked throughout the hotel, just begging for someone to sit down and read a juicy novel. The spa treatments were delightful and the restaurant was great. We had a table by a window and enjoyed a very soft rainfall as we ate dinner. In addition to this wonderful Hotel, the town of Los Gatos is gorgeous, full of great shopping and dining experiences. The homes are wonderful examples of California Victorian Cottages built in the early 1900's.

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