Friday, March 5, 2010

Impromptu Dinner Party at Julie's

Last night, Julie, one of the Romancing the Home girls, had all of us to her home for dinner. She delighted us with a beautifully set table. Vintage glasses held tea lights and a beautiful monogrammed napkin sat on top of a rustic, Italian soup bowl. Fresh heather was placed in the center of the table, creating a European countryside atmosphere. Julie's beautiful pink toile wallpaper, and sumptuous rouched silk draperies were magical with her collection of pastel transferware. But the best part was dinner- great conversation with crazy women and a wonderful gumbo, served over rice with a dollop of American potato salad in the middle. The combination was delicious, and Julie said that she got the recipe from Emeril Lagasse- Chicken and Smoked Sausage Gumbo with White Rice. One of her friends had told her about the potato salad addition. Her aunt had served gumbo with the cold potato salad in New Orleans. The cold potato salad against the hot gumbo was a great idea. Wanting to find our more about the combination, I googled gumbo with potato salad, and found lots of references to the combination, especially in Louisiana. It's one that I will definitely make for my family.

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