Thursday, March 25, 2010

Some Things Just Continue to Look Good!

I am just returning from Atlanta to attend the Gift Show. My friend Lynda helped me purchase jewelry for the store, and then in the evenings, we would group it by trend and price it. Usually we also find time to change the accessory decor in her home for the season, but this time we were too busy with the jewelry and getting her wardrobe ready for her trip to Paris next week. But as I wandered around her home, I decided that her accessory vignettes looked pretty darn good! I still love the dried hydrangea arrangements that we did in January- some of our best ever! The little vignette on the coffee table with the parchment books and old tarnished candelabra was charming.
A grouping of vintage glasses and decanters on columns and plateaus was interesting to the eye.
The vessels by her stove held special sea salts for flavoring her (now famous to her friends) awesome dishes. And I love the simple urn with the curly willow and the old oil and sconce in the corner of the kitchen's sitting area. So I am not sure what we could have changed this time- I am just contently waiting for her to move her home office to the music room so we can begin something new again!

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