Wednesday, February 2, 2011

2011 Blizzard Creates a Romantic Fantasy Scene

White, fluffy snow and lots of it - over 22 inches for us so far and still falling. I haven't been able to open the doors to really get out and take pictures so far, as the snow has created natural door stops. But from our front door I did capture the natural fantasy land that Mother Nature created on our covered front porch last night. A white icing of snow coats every wicker chair, every statue, and every green on the porch. It looks like a scene from Dr. Zhivago. To step off the porch is impossible- no sight of the steps from the drifting snow. But it is gorgeous - and something to make you respect Mother Nature.


The Lucky Ladybugs said...

Beautiful Pictures!!! I have been wanting to tell you thank you so very much for the beautiful book! I have proudly shown it to all of my friends, so great! I have actually made some of the recipes and they really bring back some memories! Thanks again and I hope your New Year is going great! Auburn

The Lucky Ladybugs said...

Thank you for the compliment! Means alot! I have always looked up to you and your talent. Hope you are enjoying the blizzard. Stay warm!