Saturday, February 12, 2011

Copenhagen Dinner Party lights up the room!

It just goes to show that you can create a party with about any theme- it just takes a little ingenuity- so how about Copenhagen as a theme!!!! For a recent fundraiser in Austin, my friend Mariterese and her friend, Eric, created a dinner party with a Danish theme. The tablecloth was of red taffeta, with a white band running down the centers, mimicking the Danish flag. The chandelier was decorated with icy branches and red flora, creating a stunning effect. Tons of little votives, napkin rings created from the crest of Denmark, red glasses and white dinnerware kept to the red and white colors of the Danish flag. A gold crown, filled with red roses, was a beautiful centerpiece.

Denmark is known for its open face sandwiches, so creative varieties were served as appetizers, along with a parsnip ginger soup in a little shooter glass. Pork tenderloin, in a cherry wine reduction, was the main course.

This was such a cool concept for a fundraiser- Guests purchased a ticket to have dinner at one of several individual dinner parties. Each had a different themes and were held in various Austin homes. After dinner, all the attendees gathered for dessert and festivities at a central location.

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