Saturday, May 28, 2011

Costco Treats for a Small Gathering

Today we are getting ready for a small wedding at a very special customers home. So again, Costco was our go-to source for our flowers. Spending only $30 on flowers, I was able to create four small bouquets for the powder rooms. Little square vases were stuffed with the shortened stems of the mixed bouquets for only $7.50 each. These little babies would be at least $30 each at a local florist. The key to making them look great is to cut the stems short and make the arrangement tight! While at the store, I also discovered these precious little tiramisu chocolate cups from Chambord in the refrigerated section. Garnished with edible pansies, they are a festive touch to dessert at any gathering. Costco continues to delight me with a new surprise every time I visit their store.

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