Tuesday, June 21, 2011

New Orleans is Getting out of the Bucket!

It all started with her "bucket list", things she wanted to do before she couldn't! My best friend is turning 60 in a couple of weeks- yikes- we met when we were in our twenties! So I had to plan an over the top birthday for this special year. Last night I gave her the first installment of her birthday gift- clues to where we are going. Gold envelopes were labeled with clues that are unique to this beautiful American city, lagnaippe, Sazerac, Marie Laveau, Restaurant August, Bayona, Alexa Pulitzer. The envelopes held menus, shopping hints and history about the city. Next she opened the beautiful stationary from Alexa Pulitzer, a very talented New Orleans resident and finally, the beautiful book by Debra Shriver, Stealing Magnolias - Tales from a New Orleans Courtyard. Alas, she knew where we were going- New Orleans was on her bucket list! I had made the kumquats in orange liqueur from this beautiful book ( the page is open and behind my crystal compote filled with tasty concoction)We celebrate tonight by having it with a little bubbly.

After reading this book, I gained a different perspective about New Orleans, specifically their exuberant entertaining style. And as a added bonus, I had emailed Alexa Pulitzer about carrying her unique stationary in our store, and she called me back and gave me some great inside scoop on great shops, clubs and restaurants ! What a sweet person! We don't leave for a couple of weeks, so if anyone has any other insider info on New Orleans - places to go, see, great affordable antique shops etc. please email me. We want to experience the best of this incredible city, go where the locals go, and get in some killer shopping. We are looking for Old Paris Porcelain, gourmet treats, French antiques and great entertainment. After all, it is the Paris of America!


Anonymous said...

There is a store called Trashy Diva for clothes and the Funky Monkey on Magazine Street. The Funky Monkey is mostly vintage clothes but it is interesting.
Christy I am trying to refresh my memory.

Anonymous said...

After more researching I recall the "Blue Frog" on Magazine Street......good chocolates and other unusual goodies

Leah H. Grier said...

Hi - My name is Leah and I used to live in New Orleans. I now own a small invitation & stationery boutique in Austin, Tx, where a friend of your's (Mariterese) shops. She was asking me about places to go and eat in New Orleans and then she showed me your blog - so I thought I would tell you directly.
Boucherie (uptown - off Charolton)
Clancy's (uptown - close to Audubon Park)
Patois (also close to Audubon Park)
Galatoire's (a classic in the quarter)
Antoine's (also a classic)
Brennen's (good brunch in the Quarter)

Have a WONDERFUL trip!
Kindest regards,