Sunday, June 26, 2011

Remnant of the Past

Al Capone hung out at Hawthorne House in the mid 1920's. It was said to be his headquarters when he moved to Cicero, Illinois. That historic old building was torn down and some of the architectural details were salvaged. While at a flea market today, I was immediately drawn to the face of the lion - the same architectural detail that once graced the high roof line of Hawthorne House. The antique dealer that had salvaged the 113 lions on the roof line was selling them at the flea market! He shared with us the pictures of the building and a little bit of the history. As my last name is Hawthorne, I knew I had to have a little piece of Hawthorne House. And as they were so beautiful, I purchased several more to have in the store. They would look great as book ends or as a piece of art on a mantle. These architectural gems , no longer used in modern construction , are now enjoyed in a new way. When I arrived to my home from the day of antiquing, I googled Hawthorne House and Al Capone and read a little more about the "goings on" at Hawthorne House. Check out to read more about the machine gun attack on Capone while having lunch at Hawthorne Inn. If only the lion could talk!

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Cristian Garcia said...

I was really upset when I saw a town bulldozer stationed next to that building. I knew it really didn't have a purpose other than an superficial one, but I say we should conserve our old buildings, especially those with so much historical value. Now that land where Hawthorne House used to triumphantly stand is nothing more than an empty rubble-filled lot, awating gosh knows what.

Good for your for making a treasure of those lion heads. Let us know what they say if they start talking!