Friday, September 9, 2011

Summer Whites and Fall Nights

Fall is definitely around the corner- the nights are nippy and people are wearing sweaters and sweats on their morning walks. And as momma said " it's time to put away your summer whites"! As the leaves start to fall and the flowers start to fade, I really notice the white elements of the garden. I love the mossy patina of the cherub bench that hides the air conditioning units. The shades of white and grey in the face of the lady statue add contrast to the garden, while the lacy pattern of the garden chair's back is graceful and bold. The old white garden cloche has done its duty for the year and made the basil grow. The white hydrangeas that surround the driveway are starting to fade, while the Queen Anne's lace, zinnias and phlox are happy with a little cooler air and make beautiful bouquets. The flirty white tablecloth peaks through the porch railing and says " its time to wash and put me away until next year". And the little white dogs are looking forward to fall and naps by the fireplace.

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