Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Food is Comforting

Losing a loved one is very tough. While I love sending beautiful flowers, sometimes I think food can be a more comforting gesture. My friend, Laurell, lost both of her in-laws within the last 3 weeks. I knew that she had been wanting this special Ruffoni cookware with the pumpkin handle, so I decided to get it for her and her family as a gesture of sympathy for their loss. The Lake Bluff Farmers market provided me with many options to fill a food basket and that special sauce pot. Brie cheese layered with apricots and almonds, fresh blackberries, apple cinnamon bread, sugared pecans, home-made salad dressings and vegetables for roasting were all available. Scented geranium, petite roses, stems of cherry tomatoes and fresh herbs with lambs ear completed the basket. Every time she uses that pot, she will remember the good times with Jack and Helen, especially the times at the lake, their family retreat in northern Wisconsin.

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