Sunday, September 25, 2011

Purple and Green - Fall Color Palette Inspirations

It's time to pull out the potato vine and impatiens from the front porch urns. Instead of the traditional orange, rust and yellow fall palette, I decided to give lavender, green and purple a whirl! After all, purple is very hot in home fashion decor. Every one of our major fabric vendors introduced many new purple fabric patterns for upholstery and drapery for this fall season.

While in Wisconsin on Friday, Katha and I found some wonderful gnarly silvery green pumpkins and beautiful kale plants to give us inspiration. The pale lavender mums are striking against the mossy verdigris of the cherub statues.


Katha said...

The lavender mums were the perfect choice. Your display looks beautiful and calming.

cityfarmer said...

makes me want to just 'come on in' ...