Monday, November 28, 2011

Tartan Christmas

Stockings of vintage throws and fur coats from Kimball and Bean.

An evening purse made from a vintage coat.
Hand made Santa riding a Victorian era toy on mantel in library.

Tartan wrapped packages.Tartan display at Romancing the Home. Love the handmade life size Santa dressed in tartan.

Tartan seems to be a big deal this Christmas season. And of course, we love to mix it with rhinestones, velvet, vintage fur and transferrware. This weekend at Kimball and Bean's Open House, a local artist was selling beautiful stockings of vintage tartan throws and vintage fur. I purchased several for my library. Placing small Santas on the back on the toy animals, we added a beautiful tartan bow to the mantel to add another plaid to the mix of fabrics in the room. A tartan display by the sink adds charm for the season. A plaid covered soap ( embellished with a rhinestone button), the newly acquired deer from the weekend filled with seasonal greens, and an vintage cruet, ready to fill with green dish washing liquid , sit on a mirrored tray by the kitchen sink. At Romancing the Home, we have a large tartan display of dinnerware, Santa's, and gifts. Tartan ribbon is available in gorgeous colors and of course we love it with rhinestones! It seems the more tartans mixed together, the more exciting the room becomes. Coming later this week, our tartan inspired breakfast table!

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Sheila said...

Love it. What a beautiful room and those stockings...well, they are to.die.for. That settles it...I am going straight out to the local shops to look for some old tartan throws and faux fur as I have also done tartan this year. Haven't taken my pics yet. Will be showing things later this week...hopefully...keeping my fingers crossed.