Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Thanksgiving Table by the Fabulous Linda Lee

My friend Linda DG has the most unbelievable talent for finding fabulous things. Her Thanksgiving table was set with the most beautiful vintage china that I have ever seen. Using a contemporary glass and acrylic dining table, she layered and layered and layered an incredible feast for the eyes. Petite velvet pumpkins were set on small gold maple leaves. Layered on antique napkins. venetian glass, gilded china, and accompanied by silver twig shaped flatware, it created this tasty mixture of organic with lux.

On the Swedish sideboard, coffee service was set out with an old crusty garden urn, white pumpkins, candelabra and the beautiful vintage silver pieces. I love the mixture of the worn finishes with the sparkle contrast of the silver and china as it creates an elegant contrast of timeless elements.

Down the center of the dining table, pumpkins were placed on moss covered wreaths. Votives and other natural elements were added to fill in the spaces between the wreaths.

Well done my dear Linda!

This is one of my favorite tables. We will be sharing it on Tablescape Thursday at


Anonymous said...

Linda Lee is certainly fabulous. I've seen a lot of
her work and it simply breathtaking. She really knows
how to put a table together. Happy Thanksgiving!

Sandra said...

Breathtaking! What a treat for the eyes and very inspirational.

Alycia Nichols said...

My eyes immediately went to that fabulous garden urn. What an incredible piece!!!! The sheer SIZE of it is awesome, and I love the weathered look. The handles are really cool. Linda did a fabulous job all around!

cityfarmer said...

equisite, like another Linda I know!

Katha said...

Linda! WOW!! Your table is gorgeous! Have a great Thanksgiving.
xo Katha

frenchbourne said...

Oh, I could jump through the screen and give you a hug. Thank you for your blog...but in your humble spirit everyone should know that you used your special touch once again to make it look stunning. Yes, I do have the accoutrements but you helped me take it to another level. Once again...job well done!!!!