Monday, December 5, 2011

Beauty and the Beast- The Angel and the Lion

One of our best customers asked me to embellish a very pretty angel that we sold at the store. She wanted it to go from pretty to gorgeous! She had also purchased an antique lion toy during our Christmas Open House that she wanted me to decorate as a Christmas display for her husband's office ( who just happens to be a Leo!) Yesterday afternoon, I finally had the time to get out my trusty glue gun and my stash of embellishments. The angel acquired feather and rhinestone wings, a crushed velvet wrap and a crown. The crown was made by gluing a metallic braid to a curtain ring and adding the front detail from an old dress. Rhinestones were inset into the bodice, along with a beautiful pin and ribbon at the base.

Leo, the lion, got a new saddle for Christmas, made from a zebra fabric scrap, metallic fringe and more decorative details from an old dress. He also was crowned for the season! A Mark Roberts animal inspired Santa will ride him through the Holiday Season.

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